Officially this year, I’ve owned a business for 23 years and had kids for 14. Not just one business—like any entrepreneur, I’ve been through a few and I love creating something new. As a single mom with 2 teenagers, running a business and running a family sure feel like a parallel experience most days. If you can do one, you likely can do the other. The skills developed while raising my kids also work surprisingly well when it comes to training newbies in our company systems today.

Sometimes I post photos where I look like I’m about to walk out onto a red carpet somewhere fabulous—or at least as close as I'll ever come to such a glamorous look—don’t be fooled, those photos are after hair, makeup and likely a little photoshop. Most days you’ll find me hiding in my office dressed in jeans and a messy bun, getting shit done with my team. Like anyone who really understands what it means to be a business owner, I can tell you that the real magic happens not in photoshoots or in fancy dresses, but in that hands-in-the-clay, staying-up-all-night, hard-work-to-ecstasy moments that make it all worthwhile.

There are two things I do well in my business that have made the difference: see the bigger picture, and find and inspire the team to take a client’s dream into the real world. It seems there is magic in being able to identify the next action step where the rubber meets the road. I get it, you have 1,000 things to do (as any parent or business owner does) and the beauty of results is in knowing which action you take next will get you the result you’re looking for.

Helping you communicate your vision to teams and then to the market and the world, is where my passion explodes. Behind the work that the world sees when the job is done is an intricate dance that thrills me, where that vision is drawn out, cultivated, molded. The magic point where your true purpose, drive, and your ideal audience collide is what brings me the greatest joy. Seeing your visions bloom and grow is success.

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