Like a drop of golden light, your are an infinite eternal and immortal spark of the divine, it is time to rise and shine.

Clint has worked for more than 20 years as a Hollywood Stunt Actor and Creature Movement Co-ordinator. Sky worked on more than 100 feature films and television series, including "Lord Of The Rings", "Planet Of The Apes", "300", "The Watchmen", "The BFG" .
Clint began teaching actors in body movement and character creation during filming in New Zealand on "Lord Of The Rings"

Clint has trained in many of the worlds ancient healing traditions. And has gathered wisdom during his journeys to ancient sites and Power grid lines on the planet.

Clint has trained in Dark Room Therapy with Matak Chia and Jasmuheen at the Tao Gardens in Thailand, and has been running Dark Room Retreats since 2012.

Clint is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, who is always refining and developing his training as an initiate through various mystical traditions and indigenous lineages. Clint has studied in the healing the light body school, with the Four Winds Society, under teacher Alberto Villoldo. Clint is also certified as a Conscious Breath Facilitator, Laughter Yoga Instructor, and an Inter-dimensional Djedi Warrior Of The Light!

Clint trained with mystic 'Stuart Wilde" learning to see energy, and to travel through the multi-dimentional inner realms, using trance meditation techniques to free luminous body from the dense physical. He is also trained by indigenous grandmothers to facilitate energy and entity extractions.

Clint is developing and launching "The Sky Method" in 2020, to help individuals move into higher states of consciousness, through a series of energetic practices in order to open the third eye and access what he calls "Hive Mind Consciousness".

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