“Claim your self worth and align yourself with someone who is worthy of your love.”

Compassionate, intuitive, driven and genuinely passionate to make a positive change in the love lives of her clients, Julianne McGowan, a certified Life & Love Coach, specializes in single women over 40 wanting to attract true love and a soulful partnership. Through her own love journey, she endured divorce, dating again at 40, and the age of swiping to find her next date. What she gradually recognized and became the catalyst of her own transformation, was her desire to confront her own patterns and beliefs that were preventing her from opening herself up to true love. Her work revolves around looking within, asking the powerful questions to remove the "land mines" that continue to get in the way of becoming the best version of yourself in order to attract your ideal partner that is aligned with your purpose and soul.

Combined with her education, BA in Psychology, BA in Sociology and a combination of certified Life Coaching certifications, such as Transformational Coaching Method, Mastery and Holistic MBA and life experiences, she has designed personalized programs for each client to expand their consciousness and ability to create/manifest what they want to create into their love life.

In September 2018, she married her life partner, Jeff, after 3 years of consciously co-creating and helping each other evolve into better individuals and soulful partners.

Julianne lives in Sausalito with her husband Jeff and dog Ruby Rose. When she is not Life and Love Coaching, she is matchmaking at Kelleher International and enjoying the beach, wine tasting, hiking, paddle boarding in Sausalito and continues to dedicate enriching her personal development and meditation practice.

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