Unleash the power of your creativity and watch your life unfold in amazing new directions.

Heather was fully immersed in the world of international tax law and finance until one magical day five years ago. On a winter day in Paris, Heather rediscovered her artistic soul.
Until Paris, Heather would have described herself as sensible and cautious. From that day forward, Heather became convinced that anything was possible. She no longer needed to follow anyone else's game plan.
Within a short time after Paris, Heather left her job to teach herself to paint. A few months later, she began to show her paintings publicly.
Heather's journey from lawyer to artist involved a great deal of self reflection and learning about the human spirit. She met wise and insightful teachers who helped her push through some hard truths. Her experiences were challenging and amazing, difficult and inspiring.
As Heather learned how to overcome the obstacles on her path and successfully pursue her artistic dream, she became passionate about helping other women who didn’t understand the full measure of what was possible for them or how to make it happen. That led to her decision to train and become certified as a life coach.
Heather now shares her knowledge through her coaching, public speaking, paintings, workshops and retreats. Heather's coaching practice is focussed on helping women create the lives they want. She recently opened the George Russell Academy of Creative Expansion (G.R.A.C.E.) on 500 County Road, Cherry Valley in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, where she and other teachers host workshops, retreats, yoga and meditation sessions. G.R.A.C.E. also includes a small gallery where Heather and other artists present their work. She speaks publicly on all topics related to self belief, creativity and our ability to transform our lives.

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