When things are at their darkest, face it, feel it, stare it down, challenge it. Like any bully, it will back down

I began my journey with how I was able to communicate through art at a young age. Growing up in an unstable home, I had no way to express myself. I found that I could turn to art during difficult times when I would shut down and tune out.

This method of coping developed a talent that I have shared with others through publicly displaying my paintings, setting up interactive installations, and hosting collaborative public painting projects. You can find me at markets and festivals in the summer face painting and selling my unique Fairy clothing and accessories.

After diving deep into my own personal growth and transformation, my next passion was to help others grow and transform with the tools I had acquired from my own inner child work. I attended numerous classes and workshops, trained in NLP, spiritual practitioner training, hypnotherapy, inner child guiding, meditation and art healing.

With all of these gifts, I am blessed to be able to guide you into the next phase of your life.


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