Knowing that we are enough, just as we are, is our birthright. Remembering this along our journey is our gift.

Born into a family of business, I followed on the path of entrepreneurship soon after post secondary education. After many years in corporate and real estate investment, sales and development, the calling had come to step into greater service of humanity. Meanwhile, my own journey will my children was unfolding and I was coming into what it meant to truly step into the full human experience - in my authenticity, vulnerability, intuition and love for all that is. This is how Raising Humanity was born, was in learning what it is that we are on the planet for, and how we can support our children into becoming their best and most beautiful selves. I truly believe that it is every human's birthright to experience joy through their evolution - and am committed to supporting the collective conscious in journeying there in whatever way possible. Thank you for all of your tremendous gifts and energy - I look forward to meeting you soon!

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