Real is rare. Creativity is the cure.

Mystère is an award-winning author who has reached billions of viewers internationally via appearances on NBC, ABC, Deeper Living, and Harvest TV. She is a values-driven entrepreneur who hosted a weekly online show that generated over 600,000 views, authored three books, trained corporate executives at Apple, and launched Dare Dreamer Press, all within less than five years. In her next venture, she founded Teen Identity Portraits & Magazine, a multimedia company using photography, video, writing and training to raise the confidence and unleash the true beauty in every teen girl. 

At the height of her photography success, she was walking down the street when a car struck her and threw her six feet in the air. The next few years were a traumatic mix of being bed-ridden in chronic pain, botched surgery, medication complications, trauma brain injury and a complete loss of identity. She studied for 3 years to become an Ayurveda Health Advisor and Certified Yoga Instructor. Then, she found purpose in those years of isolation and desperation by transforming them into a way to reach others in similar situations, creating a documentary and docu-series about Invisible Illness. 

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