Love life and life will be filled with love.

Anne-Marie Charest is a therapist, facilitator, and educator whose work lies at the nexus of Eastern and Western traditions, science and spirituality. She holds a MA in somatic psychology, a PhD in transpersonal psychology, and is formally trained in the shamanic teachings of the Kalaallit Eskimo people in Greenland. Her work with individuals and families is grounded in deeply understanding family dynamic, mindfulness techniques, earth-based spirituality, and inspired by the belief that every individual has the capacity to awaken to their inherent beauty within. Dr. Charest helps clients to explore the inner landscape and to deepen their connections to themselves, their ancestors, their families, the earth, to nature, and to life itself. Through the revival of family constellations and the integration of shamanic practices into daily life, she assists people in overcoming various forms of trauma, transforming fear- and anger-based behaviors into those that spring from a place of power, strength, and love. Her therapeutic approach encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, empowering individuals to take charge of their emotional lives and discover the dynamics that keep them from reaching their full potential—in their career, their relationships, in life.

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