"What would Love do?"

What is the easiest and most universal way to reconnect us to the love within our hearts? How can we empower harmony, collaboration, and mutual prosperity to thrive as a co-creative way of life? I’ve been blessed to find answers to these questions, and nothing brings me more joy than sharing what I’ve learned with others. My creation, Love Smart Cards, make it easy to share these Social Emotional Intelligence principles and practices in a simple, powerfully effective, and efficient way. People around the world are enjoying what an effective tool this card set and the teachings are for guiding people to live heart-connected lives, to heal old hurts and return to love. My dream, which I clearly intend to fulfill, is to have these cards available in every major language, enjoyed by parents, teachers, counselors, therapists and facilitators everywhere, so that we all have access to a language of the heart that connects. Collaboration and co-creating are my joys! I am delighted to share this conscious business endeavor with others as we grow our Heart Circles around the world. I love meeting others who are compelled by the vision co-creating win/wins as a way of life with ever-growing capacity to live from the answer to this question, “What would love do?” If that is you, please join me!

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