"Strength is in transparency and vulnerability to own your truth and be the love you seek."

Kim is a holistic health coach and spiritual counselor. Through her own journey to healing, Kim found success in letting go. After ten years of medical diagnoses with debilitating pain, bouts of depression, and no cure, Kim was introduced to holistic health. In working with a naturopathic doctor, Kim saw results that gave her hope. Her healing journey took her back to the root cause of all disease to focus on the spiritual journey and the mind–body connection.

At age forty-one, Kim started facilitating the biofeedback scans that brought her so much healing and noticed that a resounding impact on her health was her need to control. Her personal healing journey continued as she simultaneously encouraged others to struggle through the sometimes painful art of healing. Each setback was accompanied by a step forward in growth and awareness.

Kim has impacted many lives with her encouraging words and her ability to meet people where they are, equipping them with the tools they need to grow into the person they want to become. Her desire to heal personally has inspired others to do the same. In writing this book, she hopes to reach many more who want to take the journey to true healing, evoking positive change on a global scale.

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