Hunt Cook

From a very young age I saw people for the divine beings they truly are, and felt an innate desire to unconditionally love and accept them. Each life experience, from abuse and struggle to a profound awakening to Truth, has opened the doors for fulfilling my deepest desires.

I sustained a brain injury in a near fatal car accident over 25 years ago. Since recovering I have supported and coached others with brain injuries, and their loved ones. Reiki and Reconnective Healing are other services I provide as a contribution of Love. I love volunteering for Hospice, where I assist individuals as they cross over, and offer grief support for their loved ones.

I am inspired to write as I look out from my home onto a serene environment of forests and gently flowing water. In this sacred space I go deep within, open to all synchronicities, magic and miracles that the Universe reveals in fulfilling my deepest desire: divinely loving and supporting humanity in the honor of the powerful loving beings we truly are.

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