“My inner voice, is the voice to behold, from there all my solutions are revealed!”

As a holistic transformational therapist, educator and medical intuit, Vicki is committed to helping people bring their lives back into harmony with their creative purpose. This mission includes helping her clients to discover blockages that prevent them from living the life they came here to experience. Every client and student is unique. Therefore Vicki tailors their program with specific tools to meet their own health challenges.

To support them in achieving wellness in every part of their being, Vicki integrates body and energy work with emotional, structural, nutritional and spiritual tools. She also educates them to develop life skills to balance and fully connect body, mind and spirit. This opens a healthy channel toward freedom and the innate capacity for self- healing. Through this process each client experiences a higher level of personal awareness, joy and love.

Vicki has more than 42 years of practice in the field of alternative health. She is licensed in massage, somatic bodywork, trager, craniosacral, kinesiology, reflexology, nutrition, emotional re-patterning, life coaching, energy balancing and journey work.

As the northeast director for the International Institute of Reflexology, Vicki teaches the original Ingham Method of reflexology. She also teaches kinesiology and muscle testing for the Touch for Health Association. She has trained thousands of practitioners and novices around the world and continues to develop and update workshops that are relevant, meaningful and applicable to the ever changing state of our world and health issues. Some of the programs she designed are “S.I.T (Selective Integrative Therapies)” and “R.E.S.T (Releasing Emotional Stress Technique)”, the “Ecology Within the Triangle of Health Database and workshop”, “Manifesting Your Desires”,” the Chakra Reset” and the “Sound of Balance, Vibrational Healing “ workshops. All workshops provide tools for transformation, self- responsibility and healing. She also released the CD “Sound of Balance, Vibrational Healing”.

After opening and operating Harmony Health Center in Pennsylvania for 18 years, Vicki moved back to Connecticut and continues her private practice. She also provides half and full day intensives to support clients on their journey. In addition to her private practice and workshops, Vicki facilitates transformational retreats in the US and the Virgin Islands.

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