Shirley Whing


“The heavens gave you a voice worthy of stars. Believe it and send it soaring.’

“ A colleague, and a most accomplished one”, Shirley Whing Chow is a dynamic opera coach-pianist, soprano, concert producer and choral conductor who has left her musical footprints across America, Canada, Austria, Italy, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Macau, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

As Founder of Fine Voices, Shirley combines her skills in helping musicians succeed on stage with her passion in advocating Social-Emotional Learning and Social-Emotional Intelligence. In promoting emotional wellness and gender equality for children and young women, this Hong-Kong born Chinese-American has earned an Iconic Woman Award at the Women Economic Forum in Los Angeles in November 2018. In May, 2019, Shirley will be presenting her speech Your Voice Matters at the 13th Annual Symposium for the World Academy for the Future of Women in Henan, China.

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