The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible. - Arthur C. Clarke

Toma Molerov is a relationship coach & community builder. Leader of the Evercoach by Mindvalley communities, host of a Malaysian 3000+ members meetup on personal development and co-organizer of the famous Mindvalley flashmobs.

Having coached for 4+ years, his most recent endeavor revolves around Relationships and transforming the way people understand love and how to attract more of it.

Before joining Mindvalley, Toma led multiple projects around Emotional Intelligence in schools and universities and helped founders get their business or projects off the ground. What describes Toma best would likely be his contagious and positive energy, as well as his authentic appearance, that makes it easy for others to just be themselves. He’s also holding a Masters Degree in Communication Science and successfully organized various entrepreneurial events in his city with a team of talented students. As a strong extrovert one would probably never assume that in his youngest years his passion and strength lied in a game such as chess.

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