Forgiving yourself and forgiving others is creating new possibilities for your future. - Trish Mrakawa

My name is Trish Mrakawa. I am a Teacher from the ground up! It is in my blood, it is who I am.
I have built 4 dynamic, profitable businesses and LOVE teaching leaders how to do the same.
When I am not creating programs and FUN experiences for coaches, beautiful horses and their riders, I am guiding Leaders through mindset shifts about who they are in their lives and businesses. Sharing what I learn to show them all what is possible for them in the world.
I am Canadian born and raised - 4th generation pioneer in Alberta. I am a Travel Junkie and carry forward the bravery and adventure of my forefathers when them came to Canada. I historically am not a good flyer and travelled solo to countries like Estonia and New Zealand and somedays I CANNOT BELIEVE I DID IT!!!
My love of STORYTELLING, PERSONAL GROWTH and COACHING weaves its way into every corner of my life including my brand and the products that I offer.
As an international speaker I am always "curious" to find new destinations where I can share my message, my goal is to speak in 100 countries.
I am the proud mother of MURPHY - my adorable adventurous, wandering border terrier.
I am passionate, strong, determined and FULL of ideas…. I don’t sleep much. But I LOVE my bed and the thoughts that come to me when I am all nestled in.
I am also very sensitive and feel things deeply. I am highly Intuitive with both people and animals. Empathy and Compassion are two of my greatest gifts and my greatest challenges. I take all of my emotions and throw them head first into my coaching, writing and speaking.
I love the sound of laughter, the mountains, and the feeling of wet sand between my toes.
Want to see me really HAPPY!!! Take me to the Theatre, particularly to see a musical. I am OBSESSED them. I am a Phantom of the Opera groupie - yes I have seen it more than 12 times.
I have overcome intense PAIN. Physical pain when I broke my back; Emotional pain from the breakup of my marriage. Psychological pain from growing up in a family with mental illness. I grew up thinking I was not enough.
I am a High Performance Coach, Leader, and Creator at Trish Mrakawa Coaching. I am Owner and CEO at Willow Grove Stable Inc. where I lead an amazing, passionate team of Equestrian Coaches and Professional Riders. I am OBSESSED with guiding the growth, development and training of horses having Co-Founded a breeding and sales operation, Two Willows Equine.

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