Personal Power is not something you "step into"; it is something you stop hiding from.

Yoram has been coaching and leading seminars since 1989.

The insights he collected from a lifetime of success and failure and many life transitions, led him to create The LifeDesign™ Method, and the Decisive Action Protocol™. These two powerful tools are used in making quality decisions even under time pressure, and experience the fulfillment of building a life of Meaning and Success.

Yoram maintained a successful High-tech career for large companies for over three decades all while developing himself into a highly effective facilitator. His last endeavor started in the wake of September 11th, when he started a company providing I.T. support to small businesses, which he grew and sold in 2013.

Yoram was involved in three Personal Growth startups since 1985, all of which still operate successfully today.

In 1992, Yoram and his wife took a whole year to backpack around the world, a fit that included crossing the Gobi Desert, touring Tibet and crossing the Himalayas into Nepal.

Yoram accomplished everything using the LifeDesign Method and Decisive Action Protocol, the principles that he now teaches to leaders and coaches. Yoram's vision is to create a worldwide network of clarity that will mature everyday people mature into leaders and positive change-makers.

Yoram's fast, fierce and focused approach has earned him the nickname of “The Personal Development Samurai”.

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