The listening that comes from a listening ear will discover much more than they realize they'll hear.- Georgia Vanderville 2019

Life has its way of taking us on an amazing journey. One of my best lessons has been to always say “Yes” to things that we feel drawn to. Since a young age I've wanted to discover, question, push forward and learn. After living in the back of a truck for 3 months while hiking many of the highest peaks in America, then traveling Europe, and experiencing different cultures, (until I ran out of money) my experiences have helped sculpt me...like yours do you.

18 years ago I accidentally started Shortie's Candle Company. I built it from a 25 cent sauce pan bought at the thrift store (to make Christmas Gifts) to a 13 person enthusiastic team with massive machinery and clients all over the globe. Creating and producing products that people adore in their homes and offices is a heartfelt treat. To know that we are a direct daily part of others’ lives is very humbling! The feelings and memories our products restore and create are of peace, love, happiness and fun! Working with wax, fragrances and the people they represent is a massive passion. With the opportunity to create products and see them come through our production line is incredible and fun! We specialize in manufacturing for Shortie’s Candle Company, Private Label Candles, Corporate branding and gifting, party favors, Retail stores including Whole Foods, Fundraising, and other areas. The emails, testimonials and phone calls really confirm how much impact and benefit we are able to create for our customers and friends.

Producing for small and large corporations, being one of Amazon’s top Home Fragrance Sellers and being approached by Walmart to become their high end candle brand on Walmart.com are a few of the things on this list of exciting adventures. Nothing ends with business…it’s just a nice place to start!

Family is always number one. Our story started in 2001 due to bravery and a motorcycle ride. In 2007, I married the man of my dreams, Nick Vanderville. Most of the time, I am a sane mother of 2 young boys. Our immediate family has lived through failures, medical issues, cancer, successes and we have all four decided that we LOVE life!

Learning and helping others learn is a huge passion! I am deep into studying growth, leadership and life. After realizing my captivating interest in the ideas and beliefs we have created and run our lives by I now teach why we keep these ideas with us even when they destroy us. The opportunity to study with top teachers and experts in San Diego, Los Angeles, Calgary, Canada and Tallinn, Estonia have been eye opening. Time spent learning from Yogi’s and Monks in California has been well utilized. After all these lessons, the best way to spread these ideas and concepts has been to dive right into my #LadderLesson and through our newest adventure of Munch and Meditate. Through this series we share helpful and fun insight to create change in our listeners. We aim to help others recognize their thoughts and help them learn how to use them differently so their thoughts truthfully serve them. Clean out the trash.

Trash is a big part of everyone’s life! It’s everywhere-internal and external. We might not know how to eliminate it yet, but we can work with it. Environmental care and the desire to keep our environment clean from our social and consumer litter runs so deep in my veins! We have cleaned up consumer trash all across the globe. Since its launch, in 2016, “Small Business Saturday Clean-Up’s ‘Give Back Clean’” has been able to encourage and support Small Businesses, youth groups and individuals in their opportunities to give back to their own communities and improve and connect with their own environment.

Remember when you were young and feeling a bit lost. You wanted to grab onto any ideas that felt good. You also wanted to know, feel, and learn. Our children today…still feel like that! I have a special passion in working with our youth through speaking, teaching, coaching and connecting. When we step back and look at all of our tiny steps, we start to see the process of life unfolding. Let yours unfold through continued learning and followed up action.

With so many different ideas and directions people ask “Who are you?” I would say, I am a strong woman with a ton of drive. I love cleaning up the earth and ourselves. I love to work with Chemistry on all levels…internal and external.

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