Emily C.


You are the Hero of your own story.

As a survivor of multiple traumas I have been told by many"professionals" that statistically I would complete suicide by my 20's. I literally score out of the Adverse Childhood Experiences tests and that just describes my childhood. By the time I had reached midlife, my brother was in jail, my biological mother had completed suicide, and a natural disaster stole every single thing I had worked two and three jobs for, skipper meals for, left friends and family for....once again I found myself starting over. But this tie I was 43, no family, and three daughters depending on me. People kept asking me "how" I did it- over and over- trauma after trauma, loss after loss. It was not until I had lost it all to the Bayou Goddess that has become my pet name for the Devastation that is Hurricane Harvey, that I even realized that I think fundamentally different than other humans.
Survival is not an option- it is an obligation. My calling is not to teach people how to survive a trauma- it is to model for them how to THRIVE through adversity.

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