Recognizing the gifts of life's lessons help us live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

Catherine Malli-Dawson is a woman who grew up in the middle of corn country (Iowa) dreaming of seeing the world and living a better life than the one she experienced growing up. She is an eternal optimist with a practical Midwest grounding.

This foundation gives Catherine the ability to see the positive in everything and the potential in everyone. While she understands the power of visualizing the future you want to create, she helps her clients recognize and appreciate the value of what they have right now. This allows them to experience gratitude and thereby open up to the possibilities that the universe has to offer.

Catherine is an avid believer in personal development and since an early age has explored many modalities of human potential. Whether it’s energy work, spiritual enlightenment, physical movement or mental improvement, Catherine has explored many and is able to help others identify what works best for them.

After leaving her corporate telecommunications career in 2003, she opened a health and beauty spa in the UK where she partnered with the local physicians office to help their patients in the community get treatment that might otherwise not have been covered. After selling the business and returning to the states to care for her elderly mother and disabled sister, she relocated to Phoenix, AZ and returned to corporate life working in the healthcare IT industry.

In 2017, following a series of health issues related to stress and poor self-care, she recognized that she had lost touch with herself and embarked on a journey to reconnect, rediscover and redefine who she is. Through this experience, the entrepreneur spirit called her once again. She now coaches groups through a 90-day WildFit challenge and teaches Primordial Sound Meditation techniques. She follows a morning routine that sets her up for success every day and she teaches others how to find their path to success.

Catherine’s mission in life is to help people reclaim their lives, learn to love and care for themselves and discover their ‘why’ in everything they do.

Catherine lives in Sedona, Arizona with her husband, three English Bulldogs: Salty Dog, Magpie and Sage and an assortment of fish: Flash, Ferdinand, The Red Angels, Mario & Luigi and Dyson.

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