Empowering you to take control of your wellbeing, one thought at a time

Having worked for almost 15 years at senior management level, I experienced first-hand the effect that chronic stress can have on a person’s wellbeing. In the past I was driven by what I envisioned  “success” to look like, and allowed my self worth to depend on achieving it.

Looking back to when I had just turned 30, I was unemployed, single, financially broke and had lost direction. Up to that point in my life, I had found no sense of purpose. I started to develop a belief that if I focused on my career and became successful, maybe just maybe I would begin to approve of myself, after all my career is something I could control if I worked really really hard. This led to 70 hour working weeks in an organisation whose values did not align with mine. In hindsight knowing what I now know about chronic stress, it was no surprise that in 2014 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, hashimotos, a stress disorder affecting my thyroid.

Ironically I believed that I was doing everything possible to manage my stress however I had little to no tools to cope nor was I aware that I was waking up almost every single day in a negative mindset, worrying about things that hadn’t happened and berating myself for things that did. As my personal life became more complicated my career was going from strength to strength, but at what cost?

In 2016 I decided to leave my full-time job and qualified as Life & Executive Coach, a Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Development Workshop Facilitator. During this time, I reassessed my values and beliefs and began to establish boundaries around my time. I soon realised that it was my purpose to empower others to take back control of their wellbeing, one step at a time. In late 2016 I set up Innovative Wellness which I re-branded to The Wellness Lounge in 2019.

I now offer One2One online coaching and bespoke programs to cater to the specific and individual needs of my clients.I also deliver Transformational Coaching Programs such as “The Self-Transformers” and “Why Wait, Let’s Meditate”. I facilitate workshops on meditation and the body-mind connection, demonstrating how our mindset affects our wellness and give seminars around Ireland on various wellness topics. I am passionate about writing and love to share my strategies across all social media platforms.

Using my experience in the corporate sector, I advise companies on how to implement wellbeing strategies in their organisation to support workplace resilience and wellbeing. I believe in the importance of companies investing in their staff, not to be the best employees but the best people they can be by supporting them to manage all 4 pillars of their wellbeing.

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