The day that you stop running is the day that you arrive

Following a 10 year career in communication strategy working alongside international players in the fashion, hospitality and consumer goods industries,

Nour’s career took a different turn when she decided to dive into another world, that of self-development.

The corporate world had sharpened her mind and offered her a job. Now she was after cultivating her awareness and committing to a life-long purpose of service and strength.

She found her vocation in co-active coaching, a life coaching philosophy that empowers their clients and guides them into finding their answers for a life of fulfillment and success.

Following her training in London, she returned to Lebanon where she is now a full time co-active life coach, giving one-on-one sessions as well as emotional education workshops.

She is not afraid to tackle topics most of us shy away from and always invites her audience to do heart work!

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