Cpt. Dionysis


Be brave enough to find the strength to compete with the Sun

My 20-year Marine career has taken me across the world. Currently living in Copenhagen, where I work as a Marine specialist.

I am an ex-Master Mariner, father of two beautiful children, son of an incurably in love couple who taught me to do small things with great love and that love is the greatest gift in life.

I am a traveller, adrenaline junkie, passionate spirit, giving-person, impulsive, honest, with a sense of humour, a workaholic, spontaneous, inventive, outspoken.

I enjoy good wine, cigars(occasionally), drawing, and being an Ironman athlete.

I believe that life is an amazing adventure; we all come to this world to gather as many experiences and memories as we can, and to enjoy it to the fullest.

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