Hello Fellow Ignite Members! I live in Canada and have for 38 years. I immigrated here as a child, with my family, from South Africa. I'm a Law School Graduate who also has an M.A. in International Political Economy. I’m working towards my lawyer-licensing and hope to specialize in Immigration Law. I'm also a Certified Life Coach, Tutor, and Writer/Editor (I've contributed to magazines online & in print, written for government publications, and served as an Assistant Student Editor for my Faculty's Law & Technology Journal while in law school, among other things). I taught English in Japan for two years on the Japan Exchange & Teaching Program (& served as National Coordinator of a Global Issues Group & Co-Editor of the Group's newsletter that was distributed to teachers & students, while there). I've previously also worked as a Policy Analyst & Researcher in Canadian Federal Government departments, and as a Fundraiser for various campaigns. I've previously also completed a Legal Research Internship in Kosovo, and served on a Civil Liberties Board in my province. I enjoy travelling; learning about different cultures, cuisines, art and architecture; meeting people from all over the world; charitable giving and volunteering; and encouraging people to be their BEST! (I also like to do random acts of kindness, and I'm a foodie who loves dance, music, art shows & cultural festivals, health & wellness, spirituality, reading, watching movies on Netflix, and spending time with family & friends!)

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