You have everything you need inside of you. You can handle anything!

Stacey Yates Sellar, C.A.P.P., began studying and practicing Positive Psychology interventions of gratitude, positivity, optimism, kindness, mindfulness, mindset, neuroscience, willpower, and success at a very early age. She has used her learned tools to build a successful million-dollar career, manifest a strong, healthy marriage (complete with a wedding in a Scottish castle) and create two miracle children.
In 2016, she earned her certification in Applied Positive Psychology and created “Happier by the Minute;” free, one minute educational videos and “The Happy Huddle: weekly webinar”, that turn the research and the rigor of happiness psychology into daily habits.
Stacey’s mission is to curate, distill and distribute the best of Positive Psychology’s research, tips and tools to help individuals, families and communities thrive.
After decades of studying Positive Psychology, Stacey knows two things for sure about happiness:
When we know better, we do better
Happiness is a practice. The more you practice, the happier you will be.

Stacey’s talk will challenge your beliefs, refocus your attention and blow your mindset. What you will learn will not only help you grow personally and professionally, but- when taught to your patients- will help them heal more quickly.

Her interactive workshops set participants on a path of self awareness that will “challenge your beliefs, refocus your attention and  blow your mindset.”

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