Mercado Peters

“Unicorn Princess Warrior: YOU have magic inside of you… You just need to learn to pay attention and let your magic shine”

I am the HPCO (Happiness and Purpose Chief Officer) of Namaste LLC.
I work as a Leadership, Strategy, and Corporate Mindfulness coach. I also enjoy being a yoga practitioner, especially Aerial Yoga. I am a dreamer and believer than we all have magic inside of us!

I enjoy helping others to discover the best version of themselves. My passion is to bring technical and mindfulness tools together, creating a bridge that provides people on both sides an effective holistic way to maximize their potential and develop the best version of themselves.

My mission is to support 1.5 billion souls to discover their purpose while living a magical life, I am doing this by igniting smiles and helping others to be better souls, better people, better leaders.

Some of my biggest passions are teaching and coaching others to explore and reach their maximum potential in life. After 15 years of working with all levels of leadership in Fortune 500 companies worldwide, I have dedicated myself to bringing my message to teams and leaders around the world. I am an expert in helping leaders to create the right culture for their business. Whether as a keynote speaker, a workshop leader, a transformational coach, or a consultant, I help to break through the boundaries that are limiting people and get them ready to create a great future.

We all have the magic and power inside of us to create the life we desire and deserve. In other words, the keys to productivity and success are already in our pocket. We often just need someone to show us how to access our magic, encouraging us to open the doors to infinite possibilities. And then, help us to start taking ACTIONS towards the final destination we have created.

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