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Compassion for 'self' is the road that leads to joy and bliss - that state of being deep within us where we live in the knowing that we are loved and we are love.

Virginia has always held a vision of healing of heart, mind, body and soul for everyone. When it comes to navigating the maze of the psychological, mental, emotional, she is a virtual 'Sherlock Holmes' able to unravel clues to that lead to the resolution/healing of maladies in the physical and spiritual spheres of life... starting in your first session.

Genogram maps out the historical facts, providing the correlations which reveal secret and/or forgotten truths and bring to light hidden events, patterns and cycles. She seeks to have her clients experience immediate relief and has developed a simple technique, which achieves that result. Which makes for light work, no matter how heavy your life might feel to you right now.

Life's challenges are not caused by what is in our picture. They are caused by what's missing and needs to be added. Virginia's coaching, counselling and teaching techniques bring awareness into the picture and oh so-much-more...

Visit her website for more information: www.compassionate-discoveries.ca where you can book a 20-minute introductory session to sample her unique light-work and rapid-results style.

Here's her invitation...
-let's begin!

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