If you want to save the world, save yourself first.

Riikka has fought her way from her worst enemy to her best friend. Her most important personal passion is unconditional self love and to help others to love themselves.

Riikka is a previous top athlete with a bronze in the World Championships of powerlifting among several other medals in the European Championships and the Nationals. She also has a silver in the European Championships of submission wrestling and a gold in the Nationals of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Riikka was part of Team Finland for about then years. She has also travelled and hiked the world mostly on her own, and studied abroad twice.

Riikka is Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Master of Sciences in Economics and Business Administration in Industrial Management. She has a vast experience of developing operations and production in different companies, and improving herself.

Riikka has been trained also abroad in Entrepreneurship and personal development. She is a Mastery of Self Love and Passion Test Coach and a Passion Test for Business Consultant. Feel free to contact her, if you would like to improve any aspect of your life.

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