Every day I'm alive is a beautiful day!

Aurelie Busollo had a fun childhood, an uneventful teenage-hood and a worry-free young adulthood in the countryside near Toulouse, in the South of France. She later left her beloved 'Pink City' to graduate from Audencia Business School, in Nantes. Her fondness for rational reasoning and logic prompted her to select Finance as her major. However, she started her career in the field of Human Resources as her favorite topic of studies has always been the human psyche.
The first position she took after obtaining her Master’s in Management happened to be in India. This gave her a taste for spicy food and a more adventurous life. Aurelie is a traveler at heart. Rather than simply visiting countries, she likes to feel the local atmosphere, grasp the culture and appreciate the local delicacies by settling temporarily in a particular land, for a few weeks or months at a time. Switching environments regularly became the essence of her lifestyle. Over the years, this way of living has brought her many revelations, including inspiration for writing and greater tolerance.
Aurelie has many different interests and is always keen on trying a new activity rather than perfecting her existing skills (some may say that it is due to her fear of commitment – and well, they may not be wrong!). However, if anyone invites her to play board games, practice badminton, watch a play or go swimming, she is likely to say yes. She loves spending time indoors with a book and a cat on her lap, as much as trekking in nature. In winter, she turns into a total granny and enjoys nothing more than completing a puzzle while sipping a cup of herbal tea.
Aurelie is particularly keen on meditating and self-development, but to balance this quiet, not to say rather boring, aspect of her personality, she also goes dancing in stilettos for hours and performs open-mic stand-up comedy when her outgoing alter-ego takes over. Smiling and enjoying life is her every day quest so hopefully through this collaborative book 'Ignite Happiness' and the others she has written on her own ('Oh Really' and 'It's a Match') she successfully shared some good vibrations with her readers too.
Happy days, my friends! :)

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