"If nothing else, dream to inspire others."

Erwin Benedict Valencia is a Polymath. Part-High Performance Clinician, Part-Coach, Part-Change Agent. He's a Wellness Hacker and Recovery Expert, previously serving as the Director of Training and Conditioning of the New York Knicks, now as the Team Physical Therapist, Mindfulness/Breathing Coach, and "In-House Confucius". He's a seasoned Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Mentor, Educator, Author, Success Coach, and Dance Ninja. He brings a truly "Whole-listic" algorithm to professional sports, combining a Sports Science+Mindfulness Approach to athlete wellness and care. He is the first Filipino, raised and educated in the Philippines, to be hired Full-Time by an NBA team. His company KINETIQ is changed the way sports medicine workshops were done by bringing an element of personal growth in each of the "Happenings" around the world and launched the first ever co-working space curated specifically for sports performance enthusiasts South Korea in 2016; his social initiative, #BeyondMedyo brings awareness to underserved youth of the Philippines about the the changing landscape of possible successful industries they can get into beyond what culture dictates as "normal"; and his non-profit Mentorship program, the Grasshopper Project, brings true mentorship possibilities to many in the health and wellness fields otherwise left without guidance to succeed in the industry.
He begins everyday in GRATITUDE and has found it his duty and responsibility to truly live life to the fullest and with the purpose of constantly inspiring young Filipinos (and non-Filipinos) to pursue their dreams, in whatever field they deem they’re passionate about.

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