I believe that this is the measure of our success in living our lives—Are you better at navigating life’s challenges now than you were a year ago?

Jonathan Domsky coaches entrepreneurial leaders to help you untangle the clutter so that you have a business and life that are easy, meaningful, and joyous.

An entrepreneur since I was 24 years old, I use many of the same tools as a traditional business coach—goal setting, accountability, best practices. But my purpose in life is teaching personal mastery.

I am a personal growth athlete. I’ve read thousands of books, attended dozens of programs, finding solutions to these questions—
1. How can you get better at navigating life’s challenges?
2. How to find a path that fills you with more meaning?
3. How can you learn to be happier now that you ever were in the past?

My superpower is to distill this wisdom into practical, easy to understand, and simple to apply tools that will make your life more easy, meaningful, and joyous. To untangle the clutter in your business and life so that you can be your best, most authentic self. And most importantly—see a clear path on how to get from where you are right now, to living your beautiful future.

If you asked me 10 years ago, what was the most important choice I made in my life, without hesitation I would have said it was buying a one-way ticket to China the week I graduated college in 1994. Seven months later getting engaged. And how that led to a life of entrepreneurship that shaped who I am today. But I no longer think that our most interesting stories are our youthful adventures. The biggest choice I ever made was when I chose to believe that life is a curriculum perfectly designed for me to work out my purpose. To look at any situation in my life and ask, What is it that I need to learn? Who is it that I need to be? What is the action I need to take?

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