September 13th - 18th, 2019 | COLOMBIA



Time and Location

September 13th - 18th, 2019

About the Event

True transformation happens out there in the “field” and where you'll find your "Ignite" moments. These moments are those life-altering decisions we remembered profoundly but don’t see the long-term effects until we consciously become aware of the impact they have made. Recognizing our ignite moments helps us see ways we can improve and redefine our current experience. CREATING our own transformative Ignite Moments catapults us to the next level in our lives and allows us to step into our greatest potential.

This event will be connected to the Ignite Your Soul book published in Dec 2019. All Ignite authors are welcome to this event even if they are not contributing to a current book or Ignite Your Soul. Writing time is optional and can be substituted with outdoor events, quiet time and other workshops being offered.