September 13th - 18th, 2019

Sleeping in hammocks by the sea?  Yes please!


Travel with an extraordinary group of Ignite Authors like you to the northernmost point

of South America this September.  Austere and fully cultivated by the indigenous population, we’ll enter a spiritual space surrounded by land that blends desert

and ocean that IGNITES a supercharged retreat!


From the moment we meet on day one to the moment we finish the event,

every single thing is provided:


Day 1

Santa Marta

- Signature kick-off session at city beach at 8:00 am

- Village trip to highest coastal mountain range on earth

- Lodging in high-end hotel

Day 2

Cabo de la Vela


 - Travel by 4×4 to the remote and windy desert cape

- Personal time

 - Fall asleep in a hammock under the open stars

Day 3

Cabo de la Vela


   - Mastermind Sessions

    - Hidden beach hike

    - Fall asleep in a hammock right by the sea

(yes, right by)

Day 4

Cabo de la Vela

- Mastermind Sessions

 - Breathing and body exercises


- Fall asleep in a hammock at the end of the world

Day 5

Santa Marta

 - Travel by 4×4 through vast deserts all the way back to civilization

- Salsa lessons and final dinner

 - Rest in a comfy bed in a high-end hotel

Day 6


 -  Accountability sessions

 -  Healthy lunch

 -  Farewell around 2:00 pm

True transformation happens out there in the “field” and where you'll find your "Ignite" moments.  These moments are those life-altering decisions we remembered profoundly but don’t see the long-term effects until we consciously become aware

of the impact they have made. Recognizing our ignite moments helps us see ways we can improve and redefine

our current experience. CREATING our own transformative Ignite Moments catapults us to the next level in our lives

and allows us to step into our greatest potential. 


This event will be connected to the Ignite Your Soul book published in Dec 2019.

All Ignite authors are welcome to this event even if they are not contributing to a current book or Ignite Your Soul.

Writing time is optional and can be substituted with outdoor events, quiet time and other workshops being offered. 


Your Guides


Jimmy Naraine and Alex T. Steffen are true adventurers and high performing entrepreneurs. They founded Growth Masters in 2017 out of love for personal growth and their passion for seeing others step into their true power.

Read their full story here


$3100.00USD Per Person- All- Included

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