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Ignite Your Female Leadership

Female leaders break tradition. Many lead with a soft hand. A caring tone. A gentle nudge. They guide from a desire to create a winning outcome for both themselves and those around them. Leadership is often accompanied by hardships and sacrifices. Every story in this book touches down with some type of trial. Yet, they also speak of perseverance, intuition, and self-determination. Each author shares how they embraced their IGNITE moment and found a new purpose to confidently go in the direction of their dreams, while graciously leading others.


Ignite Your Female Leadership is an inspiring and insightful book by women, for women. Learning to show up as a leader takes courage. The powerful ignite moments of the 35 women featured in this book are an anthem for all women stepping into themselves and finding their powerful vision and voice. 


This book will IGNITE the female leader in you!!

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Welcome to the preview of the 'Ignite Your Female Leadership' book, please enjoy a free sampling of the first few stories told by Ignite women. This book is part of the 'Ignite You' series. Our mission is to produce inspiring, motivational and authentic real-life stories that will Ignite You in your life. For more information or to purchase this book please visit our website www.igniteyou.life. Each book contains 35 unique stories told by 35 exceptional authors. They are of the highest caliber to offer engaging, profound and life-changing examples that will impact the reader. Our mandate is to build a conscious, positive and supportive community through our books, speaking events, writing workshops, ignite experiences, podcasts, immersions and a product marketplace. We welcome new authors onto our platform and new book ideas. Should you desire to be published and featured in an Ignite You book. Please apply at www.igniteyou.life/apply or reach out to us at suppport@igniteyou.life.

The Ignite journey is incredible.  This is my second opportunity to contribute a chapter in the Ignite Your Life series.  Writing and sharing my story has been a great challenge and an immense pleasure.  It is one thing to get words on paper - a release in itself.  When combined with the editing skills of Rusti, Virginia and JB and their leading questions, inspiring the author to put more of themselves on the page, the experience is transformational healing.  I am grateful that I said yes to this amazing opportunity.  My deepest desire is for readers to be inspired to honour their own stories so they too  experience healing that supports living their most

authentic life. 

Phyllis Roberto

What our Authors Are Saying

The Ignite platform is so collaborative and supportive.  As a new author, it can be very intimidating to write and express such deep emotional stories.  However, JB Owen, Rusti Lehay and Virginia Lehay make this process so enjoyable and transformational.  They have built a platform to share your story and help you grow as an author and a human.

Catherine Malli-Dawson

Writing with JB, Rusti, Virginia and my fellow authors feels like my story is on a fast spinning potter's wheel.  It took a beautiful shape at an incredible speed.  It has been humbling and liberating to be a part of literature that brings to you the Ignite moments I lived and at the same time its power has motivated me to continue igniting.  JB and Ignite You team much respect and heartfelt gratitude for all you do!

Taranum Khan

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