Ignite Your

Inner Goddess


SEPTEMBER 26TH - 28TH, 2019


Edgy, cosmopolitan and with a dash of European flair,

Montreal is a vibrant and eclectic Canadian city on every avid

travellers list.  It's a city that dares to dream BIG and IGNITES visitors

to live life to the fullest.  JUST LIKE US!

About The Event

All women are born with

a bit of Goddess in them. 

It's their birth right to unapologetically

love and ask for what they want including 

the desire to IGNITE their fellow women.

You know when you've met a woman 

who's totally rocking this feminine power because she's simply magnetic and has an irresistible energy you enjoy being around. Yet despite that, we're only human

and many women struggle to remember that

the love and life they crave exists.

So, Montreal is where we, as an exquisite group of women, REFRESH our feminine power.  Where we ESCAPE the daily distractions that interfere with living our truth. Where we NOURISH our bodies with the joy 

it needs. Where we GIVE ourselves permission 

to discover and be who we want to be.

It's a group of women


What Will We Do?  Where Will We Go?

Exploring multiple creative and inspiring venues to ensure you visit various areas

of Montreal, we'll stay in the Latin Quarter, explore the Old Port, escape into the imaginary world of a deluxe spa experience, sail away on a river boat cruise, hold empowering group talks, offer one-on-one sessions, writers nests and even a professional photo shoot to capture your Goddess moments on film plus so much more!

Our Goddesses will feel treasured, beautiful and inspired!

Le Loft Hotel


Booking Code

You'll use this to receive our preferred group rates.  


$229 and $329 

respectively for the Urban Loft and Executive Loft.

Note:  Only Executive Lofts have 2 beds and there are 

5 available so act soon if you want to share a room with a fellow Goddess

or two or three!

Phone to book your room

as online bookings are not available for this package.

Full kitchens in all rooms, continental breakfast included and some of the best panoramic views the city has to offer!

Call: 514.439.1818


Limited Quantities

Ignite one of your friends to join you and save $50.00 each!  This package includes two tickets.





Valid Until July 1st

Save $100.00 when you book by July 1st!  Regular price will become $699.00.





Valid Until July 31st

We really want you to join us so if making a deposit is easier, we understand!



“Ignite” moments are those life-altering decisions

we remembered profoundly but don’t see the long-term

effects until we consciously become aware of the impact

they have made.  Recognizing our ignite moments helps

us see ways we can improve and redefine our current

experience. CREATING our own transformative

Ignite Moments catapules us to the next level in our lives

and allows us to step into our greatest potential. 

Ignite Moments are...

Your Hosts

JB Owen

Known as the Pink Billionaire, constantly pushes the boundaries of her work and has an unwavering passion to challenge and inspire other women to do the same. The creator or the revolutionary Lotus Liners and more including the recent launch of the Ignite You book series, she is motivated by the opportunity to assist other women to break through their limiting beliefs and experience their own business prowess and personal triumphs.

Tara Lehman

Affectionately known as

The Love Diva, Tara has been both a love life mentor and event coordinator for 10 years.  Guiding women to live rocking, explosive and amazing love lives, Tara is heading up the 'Ignite Your Inner Goddess' book and honoured to be the


event coordinator!

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