Pula, Croatia

July 21




Discover, Honour, Nurture the Writer Within


For the last weekend in June and the entire month of July, we are offering a FREE Writer's Nest every Sunday. Complimentary for everyone to attend, we want to create a writing haven for you to dive deep into your stories and create your next chapter, blog or book. All levels of writers are welcome. Exercises and writing prompts will be provided to offer fun for all and the exploration of curating your words. 

  •       Never tried writing and want to see what lands on your page?

  •       Are you a writer who craves the company of other authors? 

  •       Do you want to get started or finish in an allotted time?


Find out how having a supportive tribe helps to bring out beautiful stories, poems, and messages from within.  Writing with a group can push your words to the next level and make writing fun, fantastic and effortless.


If you are ready to be published, join us for the Writers’ Nests on

July 21, 2019

Some of the topics discussed:

  1. The audience/market of your project.  

  2. The message behind your words.

  3. Learn how to self-edit. 

  4. The purpose of your story.

  5. Set goals and find the habits that serve you in your creative pursuits. 

  6. Receive writing tips to kickstart ideas. 

  7. Enjoy in-group exercises sharing in the group energy/dynamic.   

  8. Plan out a schedule and commit to furthering your story, collection of essays, stories, poems or even your book outline. 

  9. Establish a concrete plan that guides you to complete your writing goals.


We invite you all to write from your truth, your imagination, your observations, your beliefs, whatever words you may want to play with on the page or computer screen. This is a safe place for all voices, for all stories, for all truths, all points of view.

All voices need to be heard.


"Hey everyone. This word comes with a nudge. We all have moments in our day that add energy to our lives. What was yours, this week? The more you acknowledge them the more you will have them.

If you had a BIG ignite moment in your life, you may wish to share it with people.

Find Jb Owen or Rusti Lee and get to a Writer's Nest event on one of the weekends.

You will be able to experience what it's like to write, and perhaps decide to write for one of the

Ignite Books.  I did."

~ Yoram Baltinester


QTime Caffe

Trg Portarata 6

Pula, Croatia

Upstairs Terrace

Sunday, July 7, 2019 

@ 7:30pm - 9:30pm


Approx. 100 meters from 

The National Theatre


Your Ignite Chapter

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With so many books to choose from, you're sure to find inspiration for

writing of any kind!

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Let Us Know

Of course, you're welcome to join us whether or not you RSVP, but please let us know in advance if you can so we can reserve a seat for you!

It is a first come first serve for a table. Food is available to order if you desire

Writing prompts and group discussions will take place at the top of every hour for 15-20 minutes, then 30-40 minutes of writing time. If you need to come late or leave early, feel free to do so at the top of each hour so as not to disturb the writing session. You can participate for the full session or part of the time, but make sure to stop in foto get the maximum amount of support you need to complete your work. We make it easy and fulled with connecting to inspire your writing. 

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Your Hostess, Rusti Lehay

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Founder and CEO JB Owen

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