October 19 - 26th, 2019

Join us on an IGNITE YOU Adventure into the heart of Mexico and deep into the heart of you. Immerse yourself in the wonderful uncovering of your soul’s desires, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Xinalani Resort and other authors just like you. 


Ignite You

Is an all-inclusive event designed to inspire, empower and

"ignite" you.

“Ignite” moments are those life-altering decisions we remembered profoundly but don’t see the long-term effects until we consciously become aware of the impact they have made.  Recognizing our ignite moments helps us see ways we can

improve and redefine our current experience. CREATING our own transformative Ignite Moments catapults us to the next level in our lives and allows us to step into our greatest potential. 

Surrounded by the ancient magic and mysteries of Mexico........unleash your soul’s inner desires and wishes through meditation, yoga, camaraderie and more. Discover your souls’ deepest desires, through in-depth writing, interactive group classes and intimate alone introspection. Dive not just into the waters,

but into you. Rest, relax, rejuvenate while connecting with some of the most amazing people on the planet. Take time to discover your ignite moments of the past and new ones you choose to create in the future.  This is a fun, open, connecting event that will transform you and awaken your soul’s most

sacred ignite intentions.


boat x.jpg


7 Nights at Xinalani,

a sanctuary of wellness and serenity

Daily workshops to discover your intuitive power and ignite transformations

Healthy & delicious meals

Daily meditation

Yoga classes


Optional off-site activities -

spa, dolphin swims, jungle treks

Additional writers nest workshops

for Ignite Authors

- Return boat transfers

- Magnificent service

- Building connections

- Wonderful atmosphere

- Making friends for a lifetime.

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Before May 31st 

($600.00 deposit)

from $1,921



Before July 1st

from $2,038



After July


from $2,146


Your Guides

JB Owen

jb pray_edited.png

JB Owen constantly pushes the boundaries of her work and has an unwavering passion to challenge and inspire other women to do the same. She is motivated by the opportunity to assist other women to break through their limiting beliefs and experience their own business prowess and personal triumphs.
Her dynamic personality and contagious enthusiasm are compelling both on stage and in print. She is an inspiring and prolific speaker addressing issues of the modern woman. JB works with across the globe, providing personal and business mentorship to enable them to reach their potential and become extraordinary in their own life.

Kristi Strangeland


Kristi Stangeland is the founder of My ParaVita, a company that helps busy women find balance, wellness and a sense of achievement in all they do by focusing on peace, power, and play. Kristi holds a diploma in Mindfulness Study by the NLP Centre of Excellence and completed the three-year BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program™, begun by Professor Thomas Lin Yun, one of the most renowned Chinese philosophers of our time.
For several years, she has helped women to create opportunities for success and personal fulfillment with meditation, retreats and feng shui.

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