“You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story.  Ignite Your Life for 
Women exemplifies that beautifully and shows how you too can create that in your life”

- Lisa Nichols 

Speaker, Author, and CEO of Motivating The Masses.com

Stories are how we connect. They unite one another across generations and cultures, and they have the power to inspire and transform. Ignite Your Life for Women is a collection of real-life stories that do just that.


They will expand your mind while touching your heart. As you read them your spirit will ignite and your soul will soar. Thirty-five exceptional women have united to create a book designed to light your spark through connection. Each story holds a life-lesson, an awareness and an IGNITE moment that influenced the trajectory of the story teller’s life profoundly.


Through their Power Quotes, Conscious Intentions, Heartfelt stories and valuable Action Steps, they IGNITE YOU to follow your dreams, go after your goals and live your best life possible!

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Through these stories, they teach, empower and ignite change."

Stacey Sellar, California United States

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