16 Ways to Ignite Others During Random Acts of Kindness Week

This week (from February 17th) is Random Acts of Kindness Week. That means you have four days left to spread joy, do a good deed and just make people feel good!

With some of the below very simple random acts of kindness, you have the power to Ignite a person's spirit and make a difference. Why not try a few?

1 ~ A Simple Message Igniting someone

We all feel good when we get a nice message from somebody in our lives. Whether it’s a message to your partner telling them you love them, or a message to a neighbour thanking them for helping with the kids or a friend you just have to show appreciation for. Send a message to somebody in your life that will make them smile… and send it in the morning, to keep them smiling all day long!

2 ~ Sign up to Donate Blood and Ignite a life

If you’re already a blood donor, well done you! If you’ve never donated before, or you have but haven’t done so for a while, take this opportunity to sign up to donate. It’s easy to do, and it’s something that makes you feel really good afterward.

3 ~ Give a Good Review and Ignite great service

Have you been to a good restaurant lately? Did you have a really good experience while out shopping? Help support a local business by going online and giving them a review to show others how great they are. It costs nothing, takes very little time and could help them immensely. Why feel something when you can say it? While you’re at it, you can even share their business page on social media to your friends!

4 ~ Thank Somebody with an Ignited thank you

Gratitude is good for your health...it improves relationships and mindset, and basically just makes you feel good. A simple showing of appreciation to somebody is so easy to do, but we sometimes overlook it. Take time this week to show your gratitude to somebody… a friend, a colleague, a salesperson, or a complete stranger. They will undoubtedly appreciate it!

5 ~ Share a Friends Business and Ignite their sales

You may have a friend who owns a business who you buy from and recommend all the time. If you haven’t, why not take a moment to share that friend’s business page online, or tell somebody about that business. Friends don’t always like to ask for help, but something so simple will make them so appreciative of you and your friendship.

6 ~ Post an Inspirational Quote or Image that is Igniting

This is quick, easy and costs nothing, but sharing an inspirational quote or image could really make somebody’s day. They make people think about life, appreciate something or encourage them to make a change in their own life.

7 ~ Call a Friend or Family Member and Ignite a heart

We all lose touch with people. Life gets busy and we sometimes fall out of touch. It could be with a friend you used to see on a regular basis. Or, there may be a family member you saw at every family event (but perhaps you haven’t been to one in a while!). Reach out to that person...tell them you know you haven’t been in touch, but you wanted to reach out to invite them for dinner, or go for a coffee or simply to see how they are. Even a simple hello to let that person know they are still on your mind and a part of your life can be so fulfilling for you, and for them.

8 ~ Pay for Someone’s Morning Coffee and Ignite their day

For just a couple of dollars, you can completely impact someone’s day! Next time you’re in line to get your morning coffee, pay it forward by paying for the next person's coffee. I see posts almost every day from people who have had this done for them, and it truly does create a feeling of joy for the recipient. Most mornings feel rushed, and unorganized and stressful for some...having somebody do something so kind could completely change the direction of the day for that person!

9 ~ Volunteer and Ignite another

We don’t need to tell you that volunteering feels good. Maybe you’ve volunteered before and you do it regularly, or you haven’t been able to find the time, but would really like to. Even just an hour out of your time to help a local food bank, business, charity, or sports team can make such a big difference.

10 ~ Offer up a product or service for free and Ignite someone else

Whether you run a contest online, or have an existing client you have in mind, offer up a product or service for free, or at a much-reduced rate (depending on the offering) to somebody in need. Not only will it make you and the recipient feel good, but it’s also a good way to show your other clientele that you care.

11 ~ Give a bit extra and ignite those in need.

B1G1. This website lets you choose a charitable cause you support and sets you up in a way where your purchases are rounded up and donated through the app.

12 ~ Share an Uplifting Song and Ignite energy

Who doesn’t love a good song? Sometimes hearing a song can ignite a memorable moment, make people look at their life in a different way and just, overall, make you feel good. There is joy in music...why not share that joy with somebody who needs it and would appreciate it? Make it a good song though, because you (and they) could be singing that tune all day long!

13 ~ Listen cause that Ignites the mind

We are all guilty of going about our day and dealing with our own responsibilities and challenges. We are so busy that sometimes we hear people, but we aren’t truly listening. Take the time this week to pay attention to people. Offer guidance where needed and offer support to those who might need it (but may not always ask for it). You would be surprised how many people you could help in the run of a day if you could listen instead of just hear them.

14 ~ Show Your Pet Some Love and Ignite furry friend

Yes, that’s right! Our pets appreciate our kindness as well. Take your dog for a nice long walk, buy a special treat, have them groomed, or buy a special toy for them to play with. They already love you to the moon and back, but a special act will make them feel even more loved by you.

15 ~ Mentor Someone and Ignite their ideas

If you have a trait or skill that somebody is lacking in, offer to mentor that person. Help guide them...be dependable and authentic in a way that helps them to succeed.

16 ~ Put the Phone Away and Ignite your life.

Finally, although most of the above acts of kindness can be done on your phone or tablet…spend some time this week away from your phone. Having dinner with your partner? Put the phone away! Meeting with a friend? Put the phone away. If you want to be kind, be present. Allow your full attention to be focused on that person at that moment, rather than on your device.

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