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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I’ll be the first to admit, it feels that day to day, life is shifting. One moment all seems fine, and then new information arrives that seems to knock me a bit off track. There is an onslaught of news, a plethora of social media, a swirl of conspiracy theories, and personal conjecture everywhere you turn. What’s real? When will it end? Most importantly, what will life be like when we all come out of this? These are daily conversions; happening multiple times. We don’t really know what life will be like 3 months from now. Each one of us is hanging onto the proverbial railing, with a gripping view, from the front-row seat. 

I don’t often like to admit when I’m feeling the wobble. I tend to quickly eject myself out of any emotions of being down or afraid. Back in February, before the lock-down and sequestering began, I made the big decision to shift things with Ignite and stay ahead of the swell. Now, months later, energetically I feel as though I’m water-logged and bobbing a bit in the after flood of the storm. 

All these emotions are normal. I know this because dozens of you have shared in emails and posted, similar sentiments of not knowing, being unsure and a bit off-balance as how to handle life, what to think, and most importantly what to do next. Our community is unique that way; where honest truth and authentic sharing are common. Every author on this platform has pushed past their fears and limitations to share a bit of realness, and express a message of vulnerability in the hopes it will help another. 

So now it is my turn to be vulnerable.

Yesterday I cried in my husband Peter’s arms. I clung to him like a frightened animal, poised on the verge of terrifying uncertainty. I felt so afraid and worried. My chest heaved with each sob of sadness as I felt that somehow, this horrible COVID situation would stop me from serving each of you. Amidst my painful cries, I worried I could not live my purpose, not fulfill my dream, not raise the thinking of others and empower those that need it most. Somehow this virus infected me with doubt, fear, and a deep feeling of inability to do what I am here to do. I toggled between anger and grief that this infection would infect my desires and the effort I had made would be taken away, removed, and reduced to dust. 

I know my thinking wasn’t rational. There is no threat looming to hurt me and my results will only be a reflection of the effort I make, but for those few hours wrapped in his strength, I felt powerless. I felt hostage and victim to a force I do not know how to fight against. It wasn’t a feeling I liked or have felt before, but it was real and I have to own it. I have to admit that amongst all the ups, the happiness, the Ignite moments, there is a darkness that sometimes encroaches in on the light. There is yin and yang, push and shove, lightness and heaviness, knowing and unknowing. All actions have an equal and opposite reaction; all emotions deserve to be honored. 

I hope by being real and sharing it with you, I can do two things…. 

  1. Show that we all have our dark moments. We don’t truly know how to maneuver life right now. Some days we will win and prevail, others we might hide and cower. All the tools we have used up until now, to cope, succeed, and prevail, may not work in this situation. Yes, our mediation, positive thinking, and personal affirmations are what we gravitate toward because they have worked for us in the past, but do we really know if they will work to counteract this? What new tools do we need to devise? What advanced adaptations do we need to metamorphize into, to emerge triumphant and whole? It seems that as the virus morphs, so must each one of us. A new form of thinking must be triggered and a sequence of possibilities must be strung together to form a better version of our reincarnated selves.  

  2. Reaction will not work. Being on the defense will not win this battle. The true success in your story will come from your deep immersion into possibilities. A way of thinking, that has not yet been thought of, has to blossom. Our minds, seeded in the past and used to what we are used to, will not grant us the luxury of knowing the way of our future. We can’t just learn what we didn’t know, we must learn something utterly new. A brazen desire for moving past the unknown will give us what we need to succeed. How do we go forward? How do we delineate from needs and wants; have to’s and will not’s? A new concept of our existence must be formulated all the way from the many, to the few, to the individual; and it must be done from within. 

I feel a great sense of responsibility to serve this community. I’ll admit I don’t fully see the path before us, but I know the path must still be forged. It may not be clear in an outward way so the inward trajectory must be the compass we use. The passion we have, desire, and drive are the signposts we have to follow. We need to keep looking forward. Keep focused ahead and stay strong within ourselves. If each one of us becomes responsible for the path of our choosing, we make way for all of us to choose. In our own clarity comes a bigger clarity. Our aspirations are the beacon through the unknown and will, without doubt, create something marvelous. 

As we step into this uncharted frontier, we focus on unity and humanity. We want to showcase our authors and the wisdom they have to share. A new series, Ignite Inspires is a video sharing of Ignite Action Steps by the many wise authors who have contributed to our books. 

Ignite Inspires will show on the Ignite TV page on Facebook and our Ignite YouTube channel. We want to use this format to connect with you on the next level and share the books contain for all to enjoy. Additionally, we want you to add your content to Ignite TV in the form of uplifting and empowering videos. Please feel free to share on this platform ways to raise the consciousness of the planet in a video post. We will also have Ignite Your Day Facebook live discussions on Ignite Community and Ignite You to infuse a new perspective and idea into your everyday life. 

Here are some of the inspiring videos we have posted so far for you to enjoy. I know we will all get through this together and a new Utopia will be created. Our lives will be direct reflections of the reality we choose to create. We are stepping into the new paradigm of a better world and a happier life. It is up to us to be at the forefront of that to help others see the way. 

Many Blessings,


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