Ignite your life during COVID-19

Ways to connect with yourself and others.

In this time of change, we want you to know that we are here for support, friendship and/or guidance. The impacts of COVID-19 on communities, and the entire world has been profound - something nobody anticipated or ever thought possible.

We are all in a position right now to Ignite Our Lives! We are taking steps to “create positives”, and we are all coming together to rise above a common plight. We are humanity, and we are facing some of the most important changes we will ever have to face.  All of us at Ignite are wishing you all the utmost safety, positive thoughts, understanding, and support.

Like all of you, Ignite recognizes the severity of this situation, and we are dedicated to helping you in any way we can. We will continue to provide updates and inspiration through our newsletter, blog, social media, and masterminds so that you are informed and empowered to continue to live your best life and inspire others.

Here are some things you can do to continue to encourage positivity, share your message, uplift others, and stay connected to your Ignite journey:

~ Read stories from an Ignite book to your kids, or have them read to you. Explain to them the story behind Ignite and how so many authors have come together to make people happy and help them in their lives. Talk about what an Ignite moment is. Let them come up with their own Ignite moment (and they are children, so it can be anything!). Not only will it be a good educational experience for them, but it can be a fun way for them to be creative! Click here to download a free copy of one of our books.

~ Stay in bed and read stories back and forth with your spouse or loved one. Talk about each story you read, challenge yourselves to craft your own Ignite moment and write a paragraph each. Have the other read your paragraph and vice versa. This will be an exercise that could bring you closer and teach you things you didn’t know about each other.

~ Read your story, and the stories of other authors, live or in a series of online segments on your social media. People need this right now! We’ve seen a number of individuals who teach fitness classes, music, meditation, and even cooking utilize the power of social media to stay current and in the minds of their audience. This is the perfect opportunity to share your story and the stories of others. You have the power to continue to Ignite lives and enrich one another as we face the coming weeks and months. You can even speak to fellow authors and plan a Facebook live event, where you can all share your stories and take questions from your audience to keep them engaged. Click here to join the private Ignite Community Facebook page.

~ Post your Ignite Action Steps on Instagram and Facebook. You can do this as one big post, or you can spread them out over several posts. You can engage your audience with each step - ask questions, request comments, tell people to describe similar experiences and the steps they took.

~ Get started on writing your own solo book. You may have been waiting for the right time to do this. Now, more than ever is that time! You can write 1 hour each day to get you closer to achieving your goal. Work on an outline or map out a plot for a fiction or lessons for a self-help book. Having a solo book is wonderful for your brand and business exposure. Writing will keep you busy and focused. Something to look forward to and work towards. Something that, in years from now, you can look back and know that you took a very challenging time and turned it into something that you will forever be proud of. If you would like to start working on your own solo book send an email to me at jb@igniteyou.life for a 5-week training class starting in mid-April.

~ Write in your journal every morning - express gratitude, stay positive and forget the negative. Use this as an opportunity to record the good things in your life, the memories you are making during this whole experience. Don’t let yourself write the negative. Don’t let yourself fall into a place that could be a challenge to get out of. You want this journal to be something that frees you from all the limitations and that you can look at in the future and remember all the good things that helped you stay Ignited and inspired.

~ Attend a Writer's Nest - these are designed to allow you to form profound new ideas to share your message.  Come along for the interaction, the assistance and the collaboration with other fabulous writers who all lift each other up and empower one another. Click here to join us on April 12, 2020, for the next Writers Nest.

~ Sign up for another Ignite book and continue this amazing journey you have started.  We would LOVE to have you contribute to another book. You know the process, you’ve experienced the joy of crafting your story, getting published and going Best-Seller. Why not join us and experience it all again? We guarantee it will be even more fun and rewarding the second time around! Click here to view our catalog of upcoming Ignite titles.

We encourage the use of virtual contact and events right now.  You can make them just as powerful and impactful for yourself and your community. We are wishing you all well and want you all to stay safe, stay positive, be informed, and help others as much as you can. The world right now is fighting a common fight. It will challenge us and it will most certainly make us stronger as all humanity unites and pulls together.

If you have something to contribute and you would like us to post it on our blog or newsletter, please email us at empower@igniteyou.life. If you are doing something on social and you want us to post it on our channels, send it to social@igniteyou.life and we will do our best to share.

Much love,

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