Look Who's Writing Our Next Foreword...

We are so excited to announce the completion of our next book 

Despite the social distancing and staying in... the Ignite community of authors have been busy at it. Fifty outstanding Female Change Makers have gathered together since January to complete the biggest and most extravagant Ignite book to date.  

Women from over 14 countries came together to write about their wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement for others. We felt this was such an important topic, we wanted to have as many authors as possible encapsulate their unique stories to uplift and raise the vibration of others on the planet. It is definitely a book filled with raw emotion and grit, along with fire, passion, and perseverance. Each author shares how she stepped into a dramatic change in her own life, with the hopes of helping others to do the same. 

We are also thrilled to announce that Actress Andrea Sooch 

wrote the Foreword for this powerful book.

Andrea shares a bit of her story… I was fortunate to grow up in a household where star singers were rehearsing with my Mom in the room on the right, and the greatest minds were discussing the discoveries of philosophy and science in the room on the left with my Dad. ​​And boy, did I love both worlds! I curled up in their lap, listened, and took it all in​​...

It is no coincidence that on her website it says, ” I believe in stories and inspire others to trust and reinvent theirs.” Thank you, Andrea, for supporting the vision of Ignite to Ignite others and Impact Humanity.

Take a look at our next book to launch in late June 

​Ignite Love!

(formally Ignite Your Love Life)

With everything going on in the world, we felt we needed to do more, share more, and spread more love. As authors began, staying in and writing their stories, it was obvious to us that love was what everyone was needing more of. Not just relationship love and talking about love lives, but self-love, family love, open love, unconditional love, happy love, and new love. 

Love with all its facets has become the much-needed medicine in the world right now, and we felt stories about every aspect of love were mandatory. That’s what inspired us to change the title and open the book to even more authors and increase this book to be even bigger than planned. Ignite moments surrounding love, creating love, building love, finding love, manifesting more love, and expanding love globally have become the essence of this book. 

We are asking more individuals to share their message of love because that is what the world needs the most right now; Love in all its splendor. And, we are breaking down all the barriers talking about loving the self, loving a parent, a child, God, a passion, and another person in a heterosexual, same-sex, or polyamorous relationship. Love is faceless, colorless, genderless, and ageless and that is depicted in our cover; the many reflections of love that lives in all of us. 

We are also excited to announce that Advocate 

Nicole Gibson From LOVE OUT LOUD will write the 

Foreword in next book -  Ignite Love

Nicole is known as a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, yet she prefers to be seen as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential by impacting over 250K people worldwide with her unconventional models of community development and transformation. Nicole is the CEO of her global movement, Love Out Loud, which aspires to engage 4% of the Western populous by the end of 2020 to successfully facilitate the world’s largest love-based movement.

Want to write in a book with Nicole?

If you have a desire to share your story promoting love with one of the leaders in the love movement, we are making space for you! 

To spread even more love, we are opening up Ignite Love to new authors wanting to share their unique message of love to the planet. If you have a story in you and want to be a part of this monumental book with Nicole, please apply ASAP. Spaces are limited and subject to first come first serve. Apply Here

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