Marching into March

Ways to blossom in your life and spring into your next chapter.

In the Northern hemisphere, March is known as the “Waking Up” month. This is the time where the animals begin to come out of hibernation and a flurry of new activity begins. The flowers break through the winter soil and start to bloom. The trees revive themselves from their ashen grey and breathe new life into their limbs and branches. All of nature is re-birthing itself, despite the cold, bitter challenges they faced.

The birds sing merrily, the streams babble as the ice melts away and, despite any hardships, nature carries on. The beavers don’t complain they have to forge up their dams. The crocuses don’t pull up the covers and tell the sun to go away. Life emerges, newness prevails and every animal in the kingdom welcomes it with great appreciation for the blessing of spring.

With the same fastidious vigor of a field mouse cleaning out its nest, a black bear emerging from its cave or an eagle soaring across the vista, this month is all about a resurgence. It is bursting forth with the energy of newness, awakening, and life.

Everything is transforming, eager for what is next. The squirrel doesn’t complain as he goes out foraging for nuts. The grass doesn’t ask ‘why’ it has to grow. Nothing in nature questions the process of moving on and doing what has to be done, except the human.

This month, as you witness the amazing hues of a budding blossom or catch the titillating glint of the sun peeking around a cloud, think about nature’s zest for life. Admire its perseverance, tenacity, and strength. Notice its commitment to carry on, its willingness to continue and its ability to hold no grudges to the harsh winter it just endured.

Take a page from Mother Nature’s book of forgiveness, for no animal refuses to drink from the stream that was once unkindly frozen, or rejects the trees that failed to produce fruit. Humanity in nature springs forward, regardless of any past transgressions and focuses on the abundance of new opportunities and beginnings.

This month is a perfect time for you to march into the marvelous wonder that is March. Throwback the blanket of any limitations and power forward. Know that if the ant can carry eight times its weight on its back and a goose can fly 3000 miles twice in one year, you can finish what’s incomplete and start living your unearthed dream. You, in all your glory and magnificence, can spring into being more of you!

1. Start With Some You Time

Plan some time to yourself to make a list of things that have been bothering you, things you feel you need to change and things you know have held you back. Use the time to visualize where you want to be emotionally, in your relationships with your friends, and connections with your family, colleagues, etc.

2. Set Goals

Once you have a better idea of where you want to be, you can set goals for yourself and make changes to enable these goals to come to fruition. Write them down - in more places than one if you have to! Remind yourself of these goals and don’t lose sight of them or let excuses get in your way of reaching them. Focus on one thing at a time. Incorporate simple steps and strategies into your daily life that will help get you where you want to be.

3. Positive Thinking

Negative thinking is not good for us. It affects our actions, the people around us, our productivity, and, ultimately, increases our stress levels. Turn your negatives into positives. Make note of all the good things that happen to you each day. Be grateful for even the smallest things because it will improve your mood and put the focus on what’s good; creating more of that.

4. Re-evaluate Your Habits

Re-evaluate your daily activities and put some thought into changing things that would make you feel better, both in your mind and body, such as getting more sleep, ensuring you get exercise, eating healthier, spending time with loved ones, and learning to love yourself.

Treat your mind like your garden - identify areas you want growth, foster the best ways to cultivate that growth, nurture your seeds, and see yourself flourish.;

If you are ready to SPRING

into a new season of you…

Watch this Video!

Much Happiness, JB Owen

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