The caterpillar must die for the butterfly to be born.

Overcoming COVID-19 the Ignite way

For many, 2020 arrived with a gale of excitement. It was a new decade, marking a fresh start to an exciting year. There have been over 400 decades since the 20th Century BC. Yet, for some reason, this one had a bit of notoriety. Maybe it was because of the popular TV show or the many books that have been referenced this year. 2020 signified a lot before it even began.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were welcoming in the new millennium. The year 2000 was a year of dynamic change and great anticipation. When the clock struck midnight and no catastrophes ensued, life jettisoned forward with unlimited possibilities. Twenty years later, 2020 seems to have a similar dose of that same notoriety. What began as an exuberance swirl of possible opportunities has suddenly become a blanket of worry and personal concern.

The question is, how are you handling this year so far?  Are you cautiously witnessing it, or actively participating in all it has to offer? Has the year inspired a massive change in you, or are you simply shrugging your shoulders and carrying on? Did you make lists, resolutions and promises, only to have them kiboshed by cancellations and closures? Did you form a pact to be different, only to feel derailed by all that is going on? The big question is, did you step into this new decade filled with ambition, ready to grab it all by the horns? Do you currently feel weighed down by the fact that much of it is out of our control?

Around the globe, 2020 came into existence and marked a purpose for some, yet meant nothing to others. That’s the harsh truth behind the coming of a new year. Some take it seriously, others do not. Few, if any, can dismiss the impact this year has already had. Regardless of whether change was on your mind or complacency was in your midst, the first quarter of this year has indeed changed all of us, one way or another.

Our hope is that, despite the many challenges 2020 is putting upon us, you feel alive with a fire in your belly and a meaning in your step. We want you to see the unfolding of this year as a swirl of opportunity. We know that in the midst of opportunity lies the treasures of possibility. Anything can happen. What seems like one thing may be the exact catalyst for something greater.

The fact is, this year...IS YOUR YEAR!

Before the outbreak of this virus, you were likely at a place in your heart where you knew what it was you wanted - you were determined to go out and get it! You felt excited to take the next steps, make big plans and execute your brilliant ideas. You longed to go after what you’ve always wished for, despite any obstacles. You’ve done the work and became clear on what needed to happen. You were energized; ready and raring to go.

Instead, 2020 has come forth with a litany of challenges and harsh decisions that are needing to be made. When you thought we had an open runway to pursue your dreams, you now see detours and roadblocks before you. Surrendering to the state of the world seems to be taking president over your ambitions. Or is it?

How we see ourselves and our lives, becomes our life. What you envision before you will become what is before you. More than ever your inspiration, positivity and high vibrations matter. The ideas you had at the beginning of the year may now have to give way to something new. The forming of the next iteration of you might be the most wonderful thing to happen. Just as the caterpillar must no longer exist for the butterfly to be born, you too might have to let go of who you were to become who you were meant to be.

Our greatest selves emerge when we allow it, not passively but purposefully. When we awaken from the safe and cozy nest we once lived in and go forward, a metamorphosis occurs. This may be the year that demands that. It may be a monumental time in existence that pushes us each to be more of who we are.

Happily, you don’t need permission to do this. Stepping into the fire to emerge like a Phoenix can happen at any time, you just have to take the first step. It is all up to you. It’s your race to run, your starting mark to identify and your launch to execute. Despite the many challenges before us, let this be a year like no other because you become grounded in your beliefs, rooted in your ideas and clear about your personal convictions. You hear what others are saying, but the voice inside you is stronger.

We can reduce the negative chatter and vow to not buy into worry. The work required this year is to work on ourselves. To look not outward, but inward. To trust, do and be under our own microscope. This is what we can do to emerge triumphantly from the cocoon we are entering. Your state of mind is your ultimate gift, defense and liberation. Instead of curling up, get excited! Become fueled as if you are at the starting line with a ready pistol about to fire off for you to begin...and begin you must! Racing towards the dream that is ready for you to live it. Be like a butterfly trying out its wings for the very first time. Marvel in their existence and be in awe of what you have the capability to do.

Your desires are just waiting to be taken out for a spin. Yet, like the butterfly who cannot see the amazing beauty of its own body, we too cannot see the intricate workings of our wishes unfolding. We cannot orchestrate every note of our symphony, or see the label on the jar while living inside it. For us to live out our every desire, we must realize that change needs to happen, and we need to allow it!

And.. change is imminent at this moment.

We know it isn’t easy, but we want to make sure that you don’t ‘write off’ this new year. Instead, we want the upcoming months to be filled with self- introspection, inner awakening and personal growth. We want to be the beacon of light and the safe haven of positivity. Now, more than any time in history, our thoughts, ideas, vibrations, and beliefs are needed to guide us. The spirit of Ignite is to Ignite others in high vibrations and pure intentions.

We promise to be the community you need for inspiration and the place you can go for emotional encouragement. We want to bring our authors together to talk about the positive and master plan for the future. We want to talk about how we can motivate and deliver empowering content out to the masses.

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