What can I do RIGHT NOW to IGNITE my life?

April 6th, 2020

With so much uncertainty going on in the world, you might be asking yourself,

“What can I do RIGHT NOW to IGNITE my life?”

At Ignite, we want you to know we are always thinking about you! Our top priority is to be your go-to place for Empowerment Content. We want to inspire, uplift and encourage you ALWAYS!  We’ve been watching, listening and happily planning new ways to keep our community strong and the vibrations high. Our goal is that we help you stay motivated, enthusiastic and focused on the future and all the possibilities it holds.

We remain committed to staying “Future-Focused” - setting our minds on the future and focusing on what we want to create.  We are looking at the long-game, the strategies that, when put into place now, will yield massive results in time to come. Staying Future-Focused means planning deliberate actions to set things in motion for success 30, 60, 90, and 120 days from now.

Yes, we agree, we are all living day-to-day with the unfolding events. We also know we will emerge from this state eventually. Our mandate is that Ignite helps you come out of this global-crisis stronger, clearer and more focused on the future you want! 

We know how important it is to start now; building and manifesting new ways for you to share your unique message and enhance your gifts. How you make money, influence others, gain clients, create impact, and support the planet on rebuilding itself is number one on our list. Helping you achieve these objectives is how we believe we can create a feeling of utopia on the planet going forward.

We don’t have all the answers, and like everyone, we are navigating unknown territory.  What we do know is the resilience of our authors. We know that each one of you is a person of integrity, tenacity and purpose. Your goals, dreams and vision for the future are one of health, wellness and unity. You believe in a better world and see the potential on the other side. You want to make a difference and you are living in a way that will help others and positively impact the planet. Our efforts each day are to help you do just that!

Share your voice with the world!

Speak at our IGNITE Summit!

We are so proud of our authors and the work they are doing in the world. We feel EVERYONE needs to hear it. That is why we have created the IGNITE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW SUMMIT!

On May 28th and 29th, we want YOU to speak on our summit about the ways you teach others how they can Ignite their lives RIGHT NOW! We know you have an outstanding program, training, teaching, and practice that is catapulting people forward... and just what someone needs in their life.  We know your ideas, concepts and life tools are groundbreaking and will change lives - they need to be shared!  

We are inviting all Ignite authors to participate in a 2-day master-filled summit, designed to Ignite people around the world RIGHT NOW. Humanity needs support, inspiration and motivation to stay focused on the future and what they can do to transform their lives going forward. If you have something to share and a skill to teach, please apply to speak at the summit TODAY! 

Click here for Ignite YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW Application

There is no cost to you just your time.



Jumping a bit on my soapbox... I am adamant we need to create more happiness in the world RIGHT NOW! People need to hear from us and need our stories! We all know our Ignite moments are changing lives for the better. Every one of us has felt the impact of sharing our uplifting messages. That is why we are injecting a colossal effort into expanding the next two books in the Ignite series; Ignite Happiness and Ignite Love!

Both books are EXACTLY what the world needs RIGHT NOW! Pure, honest, powerful, and life-impacting stories to raise the vibration of the planet and the hearts of one another. We are expanding these books to include more people, more stories and more impact!

Ignite Happiness will also be the focus of the new docu-series show we will put on Ignite TV. We want to record the making of this book and the influence it will have. We are going to film the authors, the journey and the making of this book for people to see just what goes into creating a best-seller and the dynamic souls that are a part of bringing more happiness to the world. If you want to be a part of this ambitious endeavor and write a ‘happiness’ story to influence all, then please apply. We know finances are tight for everyone and we are responding with a $600.00 discount off our regular chapter price and 4 months to pay. We believe sharing your story is the most important thing and we want to make it easy to participate. Our goal is to showcase more stories of perseverance, determination, and triumph to encourage more people. When they read your Ignite moment and learn from it, they will feel inspired.  

Join Now

Use coupon code ACTION2020



More than ever, the world needs love! We need to promote love, amplify love and ramp up love in a million different ways to help heal the planet and come together as one. I’m thrilled to see so many companies doing good, helping others and igniting souls around the world. At Ignite we publish incredible stories of people reaching new, amazing levels in their lives. With more love needed to heal us all, we have decided to change the name of our current book, Ignite Your Lovelife to - IGNITE LOVE!

We want MORE stories of love...MORE examples of connection...MORE messages of caring, sharing and giving. 

Love, as we have seen, is the common denominator in us all. The one thing we can each give that will indeed raise our consciousness. We need to permeate more love out to others and WE as a community can do that with our stories!.

IGNITE LOVE NEEDS to be filled with as many stories as possible about every form of love there is. Every aspect of love and the good that love can do has to be told. We are breathing new life into this book by throwing open the invitation to anyone who has a positive message around love. 

Already, we have broken down all barriers by having stories from men, women, transgender, and pangender individuals. We are including love in every form, from those in the LGB, polyamorous, and heterosexual community. 

For us, there are no limits on LOVE; no separations. Love is for everyone, in all its beautiful creations. If you have a story about love that you feel others can grow and learn from, then be sure to share it in this book. We are making writing an IGNITE story easy and enjoyable. Get $600.00 off our regular price to support you in sharing your story and take advantage of our 4-month payment plan. We want to make it possible for you to say yes to IGNITE LOVE RIGHT NOW!. 

Join Now

Use coupon code ACTION2020

Ignite your life and you can Ignite others! ~ JB Owen

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